Celestial ..

Ooh chime away

Your bells of joy

Chime away….

Bells of joy….

Such a magical sound

Fills the air

As the celestial beings

Dance at the fair

They flutter and fly

With wings full of light

Like the moon and stars

Beaming so bright

To see the faeries dance

Is a sight to behold

A precious moment

A blessing …. I’m told

Written by Athey Thompson

Picture by John McKirdy Duncan 1909

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2 thoughts on “Celestial ..

  1. Dear Athey:

    I am writing you from Canada. I am trying to find published works and hope you will tell there is a book somewhere or something in print that I may have the privilege of gifting the COVID babies and their parents. I am determined with what days I have left to me to gift these children their own little libraries. I fear they may grow up and into a world where libraries may not exist. I dearly want to have your work included. Please and thank you. Deepest regards,
    May you be and stay well in these difficult times.

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    1. Hello Denise

      Yes I have published 2 books
      A little book of poetry
      A little book of Faery tales

      You can order directly from my Facebook page – Tales of the old forest faeries
      Or email


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