The willow tree

The Willow Tree

Symbolises Nature, Fertility, strength & Harmony

I’ve always thought there was something quite magical about the willow tree, why it’s very appearance can sooth your soul at times.
On a sunny day a willow tree will draw you closer to it 🍃 with a summers breeze gently swaying its branches and the sun glistening through its leaves. As you come closer you’ll see it’s branches reaching down into the water of a resting lake or river. With the sound of a summers day all around, you may rest a while beneath its branches. To sit within such tranquility your sure to find an inner peace.
I believe willow trees to be the most romantic of all the trees, I can almost imagine a scene from a day long gone by where as a lady was sitting underneath a willow tree waiting patiently as time had stood still and her hearts desire had yet to appear.

As a child I always imagined walking through the swaying branches of a willow tree and finding another world waiting behind, a bit like opening curtains to find another room.
The faeries are often associated with the willow tree, for they bless it’s soul and wish for no weeping. The little folk may be troublesome at times but generally

“they be good to you if you be good to them”

For they swing upon its branches all through the night and day

They sing & dance around it’s trunk

O how they love to play

For it be a faerie tree

There’s not a weep in sight

Tis good luck to come upon the willow tree

For you may see a faerie in full flight

Written by Athey Thompson

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