A faerie tree

🍃 This ancient tree
O it did speak to me, as I stood a front of its mighty bough. For deep within a faerie fort in county Galway it has stood for many a long year.
Twas on such a day i came upon it, why it took my breath away. For never had I ever seen such a magical faerie tree.
Why, the tree nymphs they did whisper in my ear.

“O ye, I tell thee 🍃
Tis a faerie tree for sure.” 🕊

🍃 For the many secrets it does hold, the many other worlds it does know. O honour the spirit and the nymphs of this tree, for beneath it dwells the Aes Sídhe and for that much I know.

Written by Athey Thompson
I took this picture in September 2019, you’ll find this tree at green hills farm in county Galway 🍃

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