The Murúch

Twas a fine day indeed
That day
When a Merrow did come ashore
I tell thee
If only for a short moment
She stood
Upon the soft sand
With her long flowing hair
Such a beautiful sight to see
Till, the water children
Did follow her
O, how they laughed
As they ran along the beach
O, how magical they be
As they held hands and danced
So merrily
Why, when she saw them
she turned
And gathered them all up
One by one
They went
Back into the sea

The Murúch
Written by Athey Thompson
Art by Warwick Goble

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1 thought on “The Murúch

  1. Portia Darroch-Davied 9th Jun 2020 — 11:02 pm

    Love this reminds me of my childhood, the magic if woods, of hopefully seeing fairies keep this up it gas made me so happy

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