A Changeling Cometh

🕯Theres many an old tale told about the good folk, the kind folk, the faeries. O yes, why they can be good and they can be kind, that is true but we ought remember there is a darker side to the fae which isn’t very nice at all.

🍃 Over many a year now the faeries have brought upon mischief and suffering to humans. Of that I’m sure, but theres one old myth that still strikes fear into any new mother, it’s the myth about the changeling.

A mother cries out
Upon the darkest hour
For her child has gone
Been taken away
And there laying in its crib
Is a changeling
O, it be a wining, withered
Wretched old thing
Cast away from its own
No good shall ever come from it
For, it shall never rest

🕯📜 .. As the old tales go, a new mother would come to find her new born or infant child had changed, almost over night. For some the child’s looks had changed or the child was acting strange and peculiar. The mother would be left broken hearted. Sure enough, the faeries had called upon this new mother’s home and they had taken her blessed child and left in its place an unwanted one, a beast of a faerie that had been cast away.

🍃 It is said that the faeries mostly took boys, so it was common for mother’s to dress infant boys in dresses, so as not to attract the faeries eye.

Written by Athey Thompson
Illustration by Arthur Rackham

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