I hope I told you

I hope I told you
How much you meant to me
How much I would miss you
When you were gone
I hope I told you
I hope I did

Poem written by Athey Thompson
Picture by Constant Puyo

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4 thoughts on “I hope I told you

  1. I hope i told you…..
    This piece is beautiful. Today is the first time i have seen your work… i am blown away!

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  2. How do I purchase your book? I love your poetry and look forward to reading it on facebook. “I hope I told you” is my favorite. My 12 year old grandson died in March 2021, so this poem is very meaningful to me. Thank you for your beautiful poetry.

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your grandson, I’m sending you my blessings and thoughts 💛
      Best thing to do is send me a private message from the top of my Facebook page, and you can order my books directly from me 💕Athey


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