The Faery Folk

And all around
We heard, such a magical sound
Fiddles and flutes did we hear
As we did get near
I believe it to be the faery folk
Why, not a word can be spoke
A secret they must be
For, not all can see

Written by Athey Thompson
Beautiful Faery art by Beatrice Goldsmith

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3 thoughts on “The Faery Folk

  1. Thank you for the poem.

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  2. Judith A. Lundin 26th Dec 2020 — 8:19 pm

    I must have copies of your work. to calm my soul. they echo how I feel. If only I could pick them up and read them at any time. Please consider letting me buy a book. Judy

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    1. Hello Judy , you will find my books on my Facebook page
      Tales of the old forest faeries
      You can order my books directly from my page 💛 Athey


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