She Danced

And, that very night
She danced,
She had never danced before
Like she knew
She would never
Like that, again

Poem written by Athey Thompson
Art by Edmund Dulac

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9 thoughts on “She Danced

  1. I wish the fairies looked a little happier but they’re still beautiful


  2. Kathleen S Ronan 5th Apr 2021 — 4:55 pm

    incredibly beautiful writing.

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  3. Athey- Tell me how to buy one of your books.

    Is this poem in one of your books?

    “I hope I told you
    How much you meant to me
    How much I would miss you
    When you were gone

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    1. Hello there
      I do have a book published called A Little Book Of Poetry
      If you would like to order, please email me

      Thank you


  4. Would like to buy your books please.

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  5. I love your posts and poems. Touching my soul💚

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  6. Karen Campbell 11th May 2021 — 7:51 pm

    I feel a definite connection with this soulful old-world meaningfulness of life…Do you happen to know about any books relating to this topic…I also want to buy your book…

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    1. Hello there
      I’m afraid I usually read old folklore books from Ireland, anything by Eddie Lenihan or Yeats is always a great place to start 🍃
      You can order my books directly from my Facebook page Tales of the old forest faeries or email me in

      Thank you


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