They do come

🍃 And, when they do come
From neath an earthy mound
They do come
From o’er meadows deep
When they do come
There be no sound
They come
To forage, and to feed
🍃 If you shall,
Be kind enough, to leave
A share, it shall be known
Of butter, cheese or milk
Left outside, upon the ground
And when they do come
At night, just mind, It shall be found
🍃And, the passers by
Who pass by
Shall bless you
In return
And leave you
Well alone

Poem written by Athey Thompson
Art by Arthur Rackham
Arthur Rackham was asked which William Shakespeare plays would he like to illustrate. Of course, Arthur’s first choice was A Midsummers Night’s dream.
Illustration from A Midsummers Night’s Dream.

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5 thoughts on “They do come

  1. Is this a book one could buy?

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    1. Hello there, so sorry for my late response, yes I have 2 little books
      A little book of poetry
      A little book of faery tales
      You can order directly through my Facebook page – Tales of the old forest faeries , or email me

      Thank you


  2. I Love Your Poetry And Faerie Illustrations!!

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  3. Would love to purchase these books! How does one go about?

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    1. Hello my dear
      Thank you for getting in touch, you can order my little books directly from me.
      You can email on

      And I shall be happy to help



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