Taking in a cup of tea

🍃Well, drinking tea is one of the oldest traditions and it’s still as popular today. Why, who doesn’t love a nice cup of tea, whether it be morning, afternoon or evening, I shall be taking in a cup of tea. And with cake, Tis such a delight.

🍃There’s many a time a faery, Would come and sit with me
Why all afternoon, we
Would drink cups of tea
Whether it be, high tea or low tea
How lovely it would be🍃

🍃When a full moon is looming, I shall be leaving out a nice cup of tea for my faery friends. O, they loves a cup of tea and a faery share will always bring ye good luck🍃

🍃Fortune tellers can tell your future by reading the tea leaves in your tea cup, and healers are known to use all sorts of tea like Elder tea to heal.

🍃In olden days, Twas believed that if you scattered loose tea leaves around the outside of your home, you would be protected from bad luck🍃

They do say, always stir your tea with a tea spoon, else “you’ll be stirring up trouble”

Written by Athey Thompson
Illustration by Yelena Bryksencova

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3 thoughts on “Taking in a cup of tea

  1. I would llike to order some of your delightful tales…

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    1. Hello my dear

      Thank you , you can order my little books directly from me
      You can email me on

      Thank you


  2. Looking forward to posts of Athey Thompson poetry. Thank you.

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