Whence ye Blackthorn blooms

🍃Whence Ye Blackthorn Blooms🍃

     Upon every winter I do say, “wake me when the Blackthorn blooms. For, I have surely rested enough” 

      O’er the woods I did go to find the Blackthorns in bloom🍃And there they be, such a magical sight indeed. A welcome sign that spring is truly upon us. Why, these pretty little whitey, cream petals balance delicately against the harsh winter hues. 

🍃How magical it be 

Upon this rainy day, to see 

In bloom, the Blackthorn tree 

Oh, but mind who be we 

As ye may see

Amongst its branches, a faery

🍃What a delight, as the gentle rain drops settled upon this dear old Blackthorn tree. And, if only for a moment, the atmosphere felt so still and all around looked so ethereal. Twas like a portal to the other worlds was opening up before me🍃

 🍃Mind how you go when you see ye old Blackthorn tree, as it’s olden dark twisted thorny branches are sharp and they may go deep, so don’t go messing about around ye Blackthorn tree. 

Written by Athey Thompson 

Pictures taken by Athey at Moseley Old Hall🍃

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2 thoughts on “Whence ye Blackthorn blooms

  1. Beautiful poem Athey

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  2. Love your poems and verses

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