The Curious Tale about the Faery Cobbler at the Inn in County Meath

🍂The Curious Tale About The Faery Cobbler At The Inn in County Meath🍂
A long long time ago, there was a small Inn which was in a village on the south side of County Meath. Twas a very busy little Inn, wealthy travelling men would often stay a night whilst travelling through the county.
All was fine until one day the landlord, a miserable old fella he was, noticed a few customers had complained about missing shoes. Missing shoes, now who would miss place their shoes, with shoes being an expensive luxury to have in those days.

Well, the landlord, he wasn’t amused and he set about getting to the bottom of this conundrum. So that night, he sat up all night in one of the bedrooms where reportedly shoes had vanished from.
All was quiet, that was until about 3.25 in the morning, when a scratching noise came from inside the wardrobe. All ears, the landlord sat up on the bed and listened as the noise continued.
With that, the wardrobe door started to creek open, slowly as it did, and there stood in the wardrobe would you believe, was a little faery man. Why he must have been all of 3 foot tall with his beady little eyes looking all around he crept out of the wardrobe right into the glare of the landlord.

“Well now, who the hell will you be ? and what are ye doing in my wardrobe”
Yelled the landlord, as he stood up and looked down on the wee man.
Well, the little faery man did not flinch as he stood a foot.
“I be the local faery cobbler and I mends the faery shoes, so I does”
Said the wee man in a gentle voice.

“Be damned if ye are ! I tell ye to go away and never step a foot in my Inn again”
Said the landlord.
With that the little faery cobbler turned back into the wardrobe and as he did he muttered the words.
“Ye will be sorry, I tell thee, very sorry indeed”
From that day on the Inn had nothing but bad luck.
The faery cobbler, he did not never return again, although rumours of shoes missing from a very busy Inn on the west side of Meath did get about.

A Little Tale Written by Athey Thompson
Taken from A Little Book Of Folk Tales
By Athey Thompson
Illustration by Arthur Rackham

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7 thoughts on “The Curious Tale about the Faery Cobbler at the Inn in County Meath

  1. Thanks for the magical little good night story 🧚‍♀️

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  2. Beautiful story. Thank you!

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  3. Beautiful story. Looking forward to your next posting.

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  4. A tiny tale with a great message. Be grateful and thankful.

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  5. How do I buy your books?

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    1. Hello my dear, you can order my books directly from me ..
      you can either email me on
      Or message me via Facebook
      My page is
      Tales of the old forest faeries

      Thank you


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